Founded in 2003 by jeans designer João Foltran, John John is a lifestyle fashion brand, with a strong denim DNA. With an alchemist spirit, the designer develops his own techniques that result in unique pieces with a wide variety of impossible tones and textures.

With collections for both men and women and over 50 stores worldwide, John john offers a collection with high quality materials and innovative edgy designs and is one of the few brands in the world with Rivetto D”oro stamp, a quality and design certification given to only a small selection of brands in the denim industry. The jeans is sourced from the finest denim mills in the world and finished exclusively at John John own laundries.

John John has featured in its campaigns some of the biggest stars from the music and movie industries, such as Ansel Elgort, Adam Levine and Zac Efron. The label is highly engaged with cultural event sponsorships such as Rio de Janeiro´s Carnival and John John Rocks Jeri (where the brand sponsors the biggest five-days New Year’s music festival in Brazil with internationally known musicians) and believes that fashion and music have a huge connection and it’s crucial for to support cultural events worldwide contributing to its lifestyle.